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Mango, also known as the king of fruits, holds a special place with Indians, not merely because it’s one of the sought-after fruit, but because of its wide and vast likeness which range across ages, genders, and even cultures.
Amulya as an author has used the king of fruit as a metaphor to describe the deep nuanced social life of a typical south Indian, which coincides with the mango season describing reasons for the family get-togethers, which in a way unfold the deep underlying emotional catharsis of each member from its respective life.

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The narration is a representation of a quintessential daily life of any south Indian family, especially those families, who now have the next generation either living outside the country or under the new emerging societal changes has transformed drastically, leaving behind very little to retain or even carry forward.
The content is simple ,examples shared are profound and very close to reality
This book will resonate with you, if either you belong to the South Of India, or you are one of those curious to learn about different cultures of India through narratives of Indian stories.
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