Magic & Mystery of the 3 pound Organ

If you are one of those who holds lot of curiosity about why we think the way we are & who we are If you often dwell on questions like why people behave in a certain way and why are we hard-wired to certain things in Life If you without any science background want to […]


Chai Chai , a Traveller’s Guide

  If you are someone who loves to travel, not just to exotic locations or adventurous expeditions, but also to unravel the less traveled routes, to understand the subtilities of culture, the way of life, belief systems that run in the lesser known narrow lanes of India, then this is the masterpiece to reckon with. The […]


Flavours of Life ; Balance it out

This tiny corner of my Kitchen with glass see through containers holding spices, each with its individual taste and vigor.The most interesting part is if you change the ratio of one to another, it may give a completely new flavor, isn’t it intriguing? Perhaps this what chemistry is all about in home science, on a […]