When The Sun changes its direction

With Sun Solstice, we in India being predominantly from the agrarian society, today celebrate our harvest season for Winter crops, but each in its unique way. As Sun shifts direction, it is also an indication of the onset of Summer, especially in South India, bidding goodbye to the dry winter. A winter which is never […]


The Mango Season-Book review

Mango, also known as the king of fruits, holds a special place with Indians, not merely because it’s one of the sought-after fruit, but because of its wide and vast likeness which range across ages, genders, and even cultures. Amulya as an author has used the king of fruit as a metaphor to describe the deep nuanced social life […]


Chai Chai , a Traveller’s Guide

  If you are someone who loves to travel, not just to exotic locations or adventurous expeditions, but also to unravel the less traveled routes, to understand the subtilities of culture, the way of life, belief systems that run in the lesser known narrow lanes of India, then this is the masterpiece to reckon with. The […]